Every successful entrepreneur and business has a BRAND, The one thing you must have if you want to be successful is branding that is consistent with you and your business.

Branding separates you from your competition and gives you credibility. It’s what makes people want to tell other people about you, and makes them want to invest and buy from you again and again. Without branding businesses cannot survive.

Your Visibility is more important than your ability. It is important to be visible. To increase your visibility Branding is important to the recognition of your business. People need to know who you are, remember you, preferred to buy from you and refer other people to you. See the following and you should aim for Brand Insistence and Brand Advocacy.

  1. Brand Awareness – they know your name
  2. Brand preference – prefer to use you when possible
  3. Brand insistence – will only buy your product or service
  4. Brand advocacy – they tell other people about you

Develop a strong Logo and a Slogan for your business using something that is memorable so people will remember the name.

It’s important to control your Brand. A lack of brand control is like having no-one at the steering wheel when driving, you need to control it.

1) Your Brand is whatever people’s first impression is of you.

2) It should be consistent

3) It should be congruent – everything in your business should be in line with your Brand

4) It creates loyal clients

5) It should make the clients feel they are getting value

6) It should invoke an emotional experience

7) It should be something people can relate to

Points your want you need to consider when branding

  1. Profitability – will it help you become profitable?
  2. Marketability – is it something you can Market
  3. Credibility – is it Credible
  4. Visability – how will you make it visible?
  5. Invisability – you need to ensure you stand out and you are not invisible
  6. Instability – does it invoke stability?

For long term Brand Equity consider the following:

  1. The money required to Brand you
  2. How to Brand yourself
  3. What to Brand
  4. Is it consistent and congruent with you and your business?
  5. When you look in the mirror is it something you can relate to


Personal Branding (remember it is a representation of yourself)

Brand Association (Brand your business so it is congruent with your personal Branding)

Brand Innovation (is it different and innovative)

Brand Credibility (is it credible so it is perceived as positive by your prospects)

Branding is difficult to do

Each time a client buys or invests in you, you have correctly branded yourself

Branding is a Creative Art

Branding requires presentation, persuasive selling and negotiation

When a person is branded they create their own mark

Analyzing your prospective clients motivation to buy is key to building your Brand

Branding by message control – Be sure that you control the message you are putting out.